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How to Set or Change Timezone on Debian 10

How to Set or Change Timezone on Debian 10

Utilizing the right timezone is important for a lot of methods associated duties and processes. For instance, the cron daemon makes use of the system’s timezone for executing cron jobs, and the timestamps within the log recordsdata are primarily based on the identical system’s timezone.

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On Debian, the system’s timezone is about in the course of the set up, however it may be simply modified at a later time.

This text covers set or change the timezone on Debian 10 Linux.

Checking the Present Timezone #

timedatectl is a command-line utility that means that you can view and alter the system’s time and date. It’s obtainable on all trendy systemd-based Linux methods:


The output under exhibits that the system’s timezone is about to “UTC”:

               Native time: Fri 2020-04-03 19:23:29 UTC
           Common time: Fri 2020-04-03 19:23:29 UTC
                 RTC time: Fri 2020-04-03 19:23:29
                Time zone: UTC (UTC, +0000)
System clock synchronized: no
              NTP service: inactive
          RTC in native TZ: no

The system timezone is configured by symlinking /and so forth/localtime to a binary timezone identifier within the /usr/share/zoneinfo listing. You too can discover the timezone by checking the trail the symlink factors to, utilizing the ls command:

ls -l /and so forth/localtime
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 23 Nov 21 23:44 /and so forth/localtime -> /usr/share/zoneinfo/UTC

Altering Timezone in Debian #

Earlier than altering the timezone, you’ll want to seek out out the lengthy title for the timezone you need to use. The timezones are utilizing “Area/Metropolis” format.

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To listing all obtainable time zones, you’ll be able to both listing the recordsdata within the /usr/share/zoneinfo listing or invoke the timedatectl command with the list-timezones possibility:

timedatectl list-timezones

When you determine which era zone is correct to your location, run the next command as root or user with sudo privileges:

sudo timedatectl set-timezone your_time_zone

For instance, to vary the system’s timezone to America/Monterrey, you’d run:

sudo timedatectl set-timezone America/Monterrey

Confirm the change by checking the present system’s timezone with the timedatectl command:

               Native time: Fri 2020-04-03 13:30:30 CST
           Common time: Fri 2020-04-03 19:30:30 UTC
                 RTC time: Fri 2020-04-03 19:30:30
                Time zone: America/Monterrey (CST, -0600)
System clock synchronized: no
              NTP service: inactive
          RTC in native TZ: no

If you’re working an older version of Debian and the timedatectl command will not be current in your system, you’ll be able to change the timezone by symlinking the /and so forth/localtime file to the timezone binary within the /usr/share/zoneinfo listing.

Establish the timezone you need to configure, and create a symlink:

sudo ln -sf /usr/share/zoneinfo/America/Monterrey /and so forth/localtime

Confirm the modifications both by itemizing the /and so forth/localtime file or issuing the timedatectl or date instructions:

Fri 03 Apr 2020 01:34:27 PM CST

Conclusion #

To alter your Debian system’s timezone, run the sudo timedatectl set-timezone command adopted by the lengthy title of the time zone you need to set.

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Be happy to depart a remark if in case you have any questions.

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